Get the New Highlighter Hyper Glow

Get the New Highlighter Hyper Glow

This is the year to sparkle, and the *hyper glow* trend is everywhere. Faces in covetable shimmers are illuminating catwalks, while TikTok is coming alight with a healthy glow on complexions. There are numerous ways to achieve the new highlighter trend, from a soft shimmer on the eyelids to a bright reflecting glimmer on cheeks; this look evokes a feeling of fun and festivity. Pamplemousse Beauty shares tips and tricks to get you on the VIP list.


Hyper-glowing skin


Highlighters have been stepping up their game and have become a makeup essential that can completely transform your appearance. From light touches that give your skin a fresh radiance to a bright, jewel-like shine, the trend is gleaming hot right now.


The base for hyper-glowing skin starts with creating a flawless canvas. Find our tips on how to get the best foundation coverage here. Once you have perfected the bare-skin trend, use a medium-sized brush to tap the highlighter onto your brow bones, cheekbones, or cupid’s bow.


Think of highlighter as a bright light, accentuating all your best features. This light-reflecting powder gives your face instant definition and volume, helping you to draw attention to your best features. Highlighter mimics how natural light will reflect off the skin and makes you look more awake, especially on days when your skin looks dull and lifeless.


Look for a highlighter with a shimmery, fine pigment that is not too glittery, like the Pamplemousse Beauty Hollywood Highlight Pressed Highlighter, to get that illusive dewy glow.

This powder palette gives a natural creamy finish with lightweight, illuminating pigments. An added bonus of highlighter is that you can create numerous looks (like all the trends in this blog!) with only one palette.


A *light* touch


If you are not ready for an intense shine, start by adding light touches of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes, the arches of your eyebrows, the cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose. Use an eyeshadow brush with a medium to fine tip or a Q-tip to achieve a more precise application and then blend the powder with your fingers to let it disappear into your skin. This technique creates a glimmer that is not obvious but still makes your features pop.


Alternatively, another subtle application trick is to apply highlighter before foundation. After moisturizing, tap highlighter on your cheeks, the bridge of the nose, and forehead (the spot between the eyebrows is a great highlighting area), and apply foundation on top with a sponge. This technique accentuates your features without any trace.


The glossy temple highlight


Bronzers are taking a backseat as mirror-like glimmers take the stage on runways. If you are feeling blod you can turn up the voltage to the max, as you cannot shine too bright this season. To get the runway-inspired glossy temple highlight, apply highlighter from the top of your cheekbones, moving up to your temples. Add a few layers to build coverage and complete this party-ready look.


For a more focused glow, create ultra-glossy cheekbones by dabbing highlighter on the apples of your cheeks. This trend was inspired by the glazed-donut trend for nails and requires a few layers of highlighter to set your cheeks aglow. Tapping into the mirror-like power of highlighter is what ultra-glossy cheeks are all about.


Glass skin in seconds


Glass skin is a Korean beauty trend that aims to get skin looking as luminescent and radiant as possible, but it takes a significant amount of skincare steps. Now you can imitate this glass-like appearance with a highlighter in a flash. Get the look by using a damp sponge to apply your highlighter powder. After dipping the sponge in the compact powder, spray a hydrating setting spray on it before dabbing it on your cheeks. This technique makes the product melt into your skin for impressive iridescent radiance.


The halo effect


Much of the appeal of hyper glow highlighter is that you can wear it in a multitude of ways.

The halo effect is a great technique to draw attention to your eyes. Simply apply highlighter in the center of your upper and lower lids to instantly make your eyes bigger and give them sparkle.


If you are ready to feel more angelic with a larger halo, experiment with the triangle technique.

Create a halo on your orbital bones by applying three dots of highlighter in specific spots: In the arch of your eyebrow, the inner corner of your eye, and on the orbital bone just below the outer corner of your eye. Blend the powder spots with your fingers. This technique creates a soft halo around your eyes and subtly makes them pop.


Create lip volume with highlighter


The lip-volume TikTok trend set the internet alight with a simple and quick way to get full, gleaming lips. Take a lip brush with a fine tip (or a Q-tip) and line the outer rims of your lips with highlighter powder. Now add lipgloss, like the Pamplemousse Beauty Sparkle & Glaze Lip Gloss, on the rest of your lips and subtly blend the products by pressing your lips together. Lining your lips with highlighter is a simple yet impactful way to create instantly fuller lips for a model-worthy pout.


Ready for more lip shine? Cover the entire lip area with highlighter powder using your fingertip, and add lipgloss on top for ample volume and glow.


Let your collarbones shine


The light-reflecting powers of highlighter are not just reserved for your face. Set your collarbones aglow by applying highlighter with a blush brush or using your fingertips. For a more impressive effect, even out the skin on your décolletage by applying foundation with a sponge. The foundation base will give your glow more staying power while allowing the iridescent pigments to truly shine.


Once you have mastered the various ways highlighter can complement your best features, you will never stop using this magical compact! 


Looking for more inspiration? Pair your highlighter with the modern smokey eye for an even more alluring look.

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